Progress South Carolina Business and Economic Development Guide

Welcome to Progress South Carolina 2017

South Carolina is moving ahead at full speed.

There’s never been a better time than the present to do business in South Carolina. Collectively we’ve developed an economic growth engine focused on sustainability that enhances a rich quality of life for all of our citizens. South Carolinians relish our bounty of natural resources and friendly business climate. We’ve turned those assets into a world-class business region prepared to compete globally for shared success. With an eye on workforce development, research and impactful expansion we’re providing new opportunities for progress every day.

In our second edition of Progress South Carolina, you’ll discover an array of business success stories from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, all driving prosperity for the Palmetto State.

You’ll find out who is making news in categories ranging from reliable energy, aerospace, manufacturing and shipping to homebuilding and the fine arts. Our gratitude is extended to all of our partners who contributed to this issue along with congratulations on successes in their respective businesses. These motivating accomplishments allow us to catch a glimpse of South Carolina’s future progress.

South Carolina Economic Overview | Charleston Economic Overview


South Carolina is home to thousands of businesses and organizations each helping and ultimately striving to drive our great State’s economy well into the 21st century

Each and every one of the companies, organizations and firms outlined in Progress South Carolina, as well as those that are not, provide the much needed jobs, pay taxes to maintain South Carolina’s infrastructure, donate to charities and charitable organizations, educate our citizens and ultimately make South Carolina “A great place to live.”

The industries profiled in The Post and Courier’s 2017 edition of Progress South Carolina are as follows:


Commercial Construction





Real Estate

Finance & Professional Services





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